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Some Tips Before You Complete Your CBT Training | Alpha Motorcycle

Although the compulsory basic training is not a pass or fail test, if you don’t reach a certain level of competency after the day of training then you will have to come back and continue practicing until the CBT providers are happy that you are ready to drive on the road alone. Below are some tips that will help you get the best out of your motorcycle training course.

Ride a Bicycle

When you want to ride a motorbike, balance is one of the most important skills you need, so it is worth practicing on a bicycle before you undertake any CBT training. Practice manoeuvres such as weaving through safety cones and steering around tight corners. If you are able to complete these confidently then the chances are you will take to a motorbike a bit quicker.

CBT Training

Pick the Right Motorcycle Training Provider

You should thoroughly research motorcycle training providers near your local area, you don’t want to end up travelling for hours to get to the motorcycle training school. Also look whether the course provides everything you need, or if you need to bring your own gear.

Brush Up on Road Rules

One of the elements of the compulsory basic training is making sure you know legal requirements for riding a motorbike on the road. This includes covering the highway code and ensuring you know how to make yourself visible to other road users. If you want to get ahead on your motorcycle training course, then have a read of the highway code before you undertake the CBT course. If the training provider doesn’t think you have an adequate grasp of the rules of the road then they are not allowed to award you your certificate.

Don’t Stress

Most importantly, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Your compulsory basic training course is the first motorcycle course you will take, so the instructors aren’t expecting you to be 100% perfect. If you mess things up a little bit on the day there is no reason why you still can’t pass, as long as you learn from your mistakes.