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The Benefits Of Riding A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is extremely enjoyable and there are a range of benefits for your health. When you drive safely and respect the rules of the road, a motorcycle can add value to your life. Here is why you should ride a motorcycle.

Why You Should Ride A Motorcycle

Increase Core Strength

Riding a motorcycle is physically demanding and can help you develop insane core strength. To perform various manoeuvres on the road, your core must be engaged to maintain stability and balance on your motorbike. This is especially the case during low-speed manoeuvres where you must rely on your core strength to alter your bike position.

Enhanced Mood

Driving a motorbike is a thrilling experience which translates to a better mood and a more positive attitude. When you twist your wrist to ignite the engine this produces adrenaline and releases mood-elevating hormones. These endorphins give you a sense of pleasure and can help counteract any negative emotions you are experiencing.

Not to mention, riding for extended periods can act as mindful meditation. When you drive your bike you can’t afford to be distracted on the road. Therefore, all your focus is on controlling your motorcycle and riding safely. During your ride, you will temporarily forget about all your worries and feel much better when you get off at your desired destination.

Burns Calories

Due to the physical demands of riding a bike and the sheer intensity involved, you can burn 200-300 calories per hour. This is ideal if you want to stay fit or want to lose weight. For longer rides that are over an hour, you could burn over 600 calories which can take your fitness to another level.

Improves Leg Strength

Riding a motorcycle can also improve leg strength because your thighs are constantly contracting during each ride. Not to mention, it helps to strengthen your knees as all the movements are low-impact and non-weight bearing.

Enhance Cognitive Performance

There is research to suggest motorbike riding can improve cognitive performance too. One study found that regular riding resulted in better cognitive test scores. This could be due to the high level of alertness that is required when riding a motorcycle.