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A2 Motorcycle Licence – In-Depth Guide 2023

As the leading motor experts local to you, we present you with an In-depth guide to the A2 Motorcycle License. If you’re looking to progress to a full unrestricted motorbike licence, then look no further, as this article will tell you all you need to know! Not only is the A2 Motorcycle licence the cost-conscious way to obtain your full motorcycle licence, but the quickest and smartest way too! You’ll need to be clued up on all the important details, from regulations and official laws, to costs involved and the training rules you must abide by to ensure safe riding on the roads. 

Getting your A2 License and what it entails

The A2 License is a popular option for those that are not intent on riding powerful motorcycles, but still want the freedom of fully licensed bikes to take out on the road. It’s not to be mistaken that an A2 licence makes you immune from basic rules and regulations and is not unrestricted, however it allows the average rider to safely carry a passenger, ride on the motorway without L plates, and exemption from having to do a CBT every 2 years. Essentially, it’s a quick way to ensure motorcycle riders can ride average powered motorcycles freely, safely and without the constant burden of repeated tests. 

There are several things to know before taking the practical tests required to obtain an A2 License. These include a 19+ age requirement, a completed CBT test or evidence that an A1 licence has been held by the rider for at least two or more years. They will also have to have passed all theory and hazard tests to ensure they are fully knowledgeable about up-to-date riding practices and road safety rules. All of these requirements are stated in the law, and should be fully abided by when applying for an A2 License. 

Training needed prior to A2 License Practical Tests

Although not a requirement as such, Training is a useful way to prepare for your practical test to get you your A2 License. Checking your local motorcycle driving schools that offer short sting training courses is always useful, and can ensure you’re fully ready for the day of the test. Often schools offer training courses that can range from a quick 2 day programme, to a more in-depth preparatory course that can last the whole working week. A trained motorcycle instructor will observe your skills, experience and general knowledge and provide you with the confidence and expert advice needed to ensure you pass your test with flying colours. The test is usually taken on a training bike, supplied by the test centre and is A2 legal.

What does the A2 Motorcycle licence test consist of?

To pass your full licence motorcycle test, there are two parts you’ll be assessed on. Module 1 consists of low and high speed manoeuvres under the supervision and assessment of a fully qualified instructor. This will take place at an off road test centre. 

The second module is a step up on the first half of the test, putting your skills to the test on a public road, where you’ll be riding in close contact with the instructor who will again, do a full examination of your skills, safety and concentration as a rider. 

What can you expect after passing the A2 practical test?

After putting in all the hard work and concentration to the test, that will most-likely ensure you pass the first time round, will ensure you are able to enjoy riding your motorcycle with many less restrictions than before. You can finally strip those L plates from your bike, get out on the open motorway, and even take pillions. After 2 years of riding with an A2 licence, you’ll be eligible to obtain an unrestricted licence that will have you qualified to ride more powerful bikes. You’ll have to retake the module tests taken for your A2 licence exams, typically performed on a machine with a minimum 595cc as standard practice. 

So, if you’re looking for some added freedom whilst safely riding your motorcycle on the open roads, we recommend you refresh your road knowledge, refine your riding techniques and manoeuvres, and start to think about booking in some local training to ensure you’ll be easy riding in no time with your newly obtained A2 Motorcycle Licence!