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Terms and Conditions:

1. Payments: You must have paid the course fee before it starts. Payments can be made by cash/credit/debit card or post payment to Head office dependent on your site of training. Once we have received your full payment or deposit we will confirm your course dates. Training dates may be lost if full payment is not received.

2. Food. A packed lunch is advised for CBT, and suitable monies for a café lunch if you are on a full day training course other than CBT.

3. Licence. On the day of your training, you must hold and be in possession of a UK driving licence, complete with the correct provisional category (including paper counterpart for photo card licences). You must bring your licence (both parts). If you have an old style UK licence with no photo card then you need to check it has the correct provisional category and importantly bring a valid in date passport to prove who you are. No other forms of licence or ID are acceptable. No copies are acceptable. It is your responsibility to bring these documents to all training sessions that you attend. In failing to do so training may be terminated for that day and fees for that day will be lost. This may impact on your course and in your loosing entire course fees. .

4. Eyesight. You must be able to read a vehicle number plate from 20.5 meters (67 feet). If necessary aided by the use of glasses/contact lenses, which must be worn throughout training. Alpha Motorcycle Training take no reasonability if this standard is not met and training fees may be lost.

5. Highway Code. We advise students to read the Highway Code and have an understanding of the rules, regulations and traffic signs found within the Highway Code. Failure to do so may cause the training to be halted and thus loss of training fees may occur.

6. Theory test (Not needed for CBT – Needed for full practical test). All motorcycle/moped test candidates must have a motorcycle theory test pass certificate a minimum of 5 working days before the practical element of the full licensing test can be taken. Motorcycle theory test should be booked direct on 0300 200 1122 or Recommended material is the DSA Official Motorcycle Theory Handbook.

7. Own Motorcycle. If you are using your own machine you must bring along proof of insurance, MOT certificate (if required), and current road tax. The Motorcycle must also be in a roadworthy condition. If you are attending a post CBT session, you must bring your valid CBT certificate with you for inspection.

8. Clothing. Alpha Motorcycle Training does have loan helmets and jackets. However you are required to wear sturdy trousers (Jeans), sturdy jacket, sturdy footwear that protects the ankle, leather gloves, and advisable if you can to bring your own your helmet if you have one.

9. Attendance: You must attend all the scheduled days of training in full. Attendance requires you to attend on time so please allow for traffic and transport issues. As the courses are regulated by the DSA and have a set syllabus they can not be delayed or postponed for an individual. Late attendance (arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time of your training/course) can lead to you missing your session and your fees being forfeit. We cannot offer refunds or compensation for missed training sessions or test. If you do not attend elements of your time-tabled training your course may be terminated with no refund. Courses are sold as a whole and we can not offer refunds for part elements not attended.

10. Insurance: If training on one of Alpha Motorcycle Training motorcycles/scooters you will be covered under our insurance, which is included in the course fee. Our insurance has £400 excess. As the rider of the motorcycle, in the case of accident or 3rd party damage you will be liable to pay the excess in the relation to the damage that is caused.

10a. Insurance waiver: Students have a non-obligatory option to purchase a damage waiver for £10 to cover against any damage caused to the bike or equipment or 3rd party damage for CBT / ITM or Gear conversion courses. The damage waiver for DAS courses is £20.

8. Guaranteed passes. There is no guaranteed pass for any course.

CBT training is subject to an appraisal by the instructor that the rider has shown the ability to ride without danger to themselves or other road users / pedestrians.

DAS courses require the student to show the DVSA examiner that they are fully competent in all circumstances.

8a. CBT course times. The finish times advertised on each course are only estimates. As the ability of every student is different, we strive to train to a competent level, which may take more or less time than advertised.

The CBT course is modular, and if any module is not completed then the CBT will be terminated at that point, and the student will be invited back to complete another CBT or an ITM and another CBT (chargable) depending on what is needed to gain the skills enough to pass. No refunds will be issued. The instructor will explain why the module is not completed, and advise on a course of action. The instructors decision is final and based on realising a safe level within a realistic time frame.

8b. Student to instructor ratio. We work within the DVSA guidelines so that a CBT course may have up to 4 students per instructor, with the exception of element E , which is 2 students per instructor on the road.

DAS instruction is a maximum 2 students per instructor.

11. Alpha Motorcycle Training is a road safety organisation – if at any time a student shows an unsuitable attitude, or demonstrates unacceptable risk taking or failure to comply with instruction that endangers themselves or others on the road, the course will be terminated at that point and fees forfeited. The instructor as a licenced DSA assessor has final decision in this matter. Additional training may at the company’s discretion be arranged at the students full expense. .

12. Alpha Motorcycle Training reserves the right to cancel a candidate’s course or any element of training without refund – should an instructor, member of staff or any third party be subject to assault, abuse or threatening behavior from the candidate.

13. Time gaps allowed in training. To ensure rider and instructor safety the maximum time gap between training events on a course is 3 weeks. After such time either a full CBT or off road familiarisation will be required at the discretion/request of the Company. Customers will need to pay for any such remedial training to bring them up to sufficient standard to continue with a course. .

14. Re-test: If you should fail your test, you must take at least 1 further training session in each 3 week period whilst waiting for your re-test. Your next test must be taken within a maximum of 3 months or otherwise a full course will be required to train you to suitable standard, charged at full cost.


1. Notice of cancellation. Alpha Motorcycle Training require sufficient notice to cancel training courses or elements of a course. This allows us to comply with government legislation, to recoup any test fees, to attempt to resell a course to a third party customer or to reallocate the instructor and training resource elsewhere. If we do not receive sufficient notice of cancellation then the course or session will continue with a space available for you, regardless of your attendance. Fees will not be refunded unless notice (as specified below) is given. Refunds are subject to an administration charge.

2. Definition of working days notice. Working days are Monday to Friday 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM and do not include Bank Holidays. Working days notice means allowing us at least the specified full working day(s) notice so as to reschedule. Notice must be given in a manner sufficient to be properly recorded and acted upon. i.e. telephone call direct to a sales advisor who will note the event on our computer systems. E.g. If one working days notice is required, and notice is given on Monday – then this would be sufficient for a course or session on the Wednesday (one full working day in between). However if notice is given on a Friday then this would be sufficient for a course or session that is starting on the next Tuesday. Please allow for full working days, and allow for weekends and bank holidays.

3. Refunds. To receive a refund, less a 30% admin charge, a minimum of 5 full working days notice is required. To move a CBT Course date a minimum of 3 full working days notice must be given. To move a Full Licence Course date a minimum of 5 full working days notice must be given. Full payment would be required for rebooking of training if specified notice is not given.

4. Special offers. Some courses may be sold on special offers and have specific terms and conditions (including cancellation) stated in the offer of sale.

5. Gift certificates. Can be refunded in full if notice is given within 14 days of purchase as stated in our “Money Back Guarantee”. Outside of Money Back Guarantee period no refund whatsoever can be made. Certificates may be transferred to a different recipient, subject to a 10% administration charge. Each Certificate has a one (1) year expiration date from date of issue. No refund, change of recipient or modification can be given when dates have been allocated to the course in part or whole. Any refund made must be to the original purchaser/card holder. Customers may use their certificate as part payment against courses of a higher value.

6. Started courses. We cannot offer a refund or part refund for courses that have already started. Courses are sold as a block booked package and it is the responsibility of the customer to attend dates as booked or to give sufficient specified notice of cancellation.

7. No fault non attendance. Should you be ill, injured or suffer any extenuating personal circumstances that precludes you from attending a course you have booked, you will still be required to pay the fee for the training and no refunds can be offered. Alpha Motorcycle Training will as a matter of goodwill give receipt of your course and confirm non attendance so you may claim against any insurance you may have. Alpha Motorcycle Training does not provide or offer any insurance for such circumstances.

8. Guaranteed passes. Courses with a “Pass Guarantee” require full attendance on each specified date. The guarantee is invalid if you do not attend (in full) a training event that is part of your course.

9. Alpha Motorcycle Training/DSA cancellation or reschedulement of courses/sessions. Alpha Motorcycle Training and the DSA reserve the right to alter course and test dates/times without notice. In the event that your dates or test has to be rescheduled due to adverse weather conditions or any extenuating circumstance, it will be rescheduled for the next available date. Refunds or compensation cannot be given for reschedulement, regardless of circumstance.

10. Bookings of DSA Tests. On courses with a DSA practical test included, Alpha Motorcycle Training will book a final practical test on your behalf with the Driving Standards Agency and include it as a part of your course. Alpha Motorcycle Training can accept no responsibility whatsoever for the DSA’s management, scheduling, cancellation or conduct of the test as it is an external exam entirely separate from Alpha Motorcycle Training. DSA can and do cancel tests at short notice, have mechanical breakdown or examiner problems, relocate tests to different areas, move time and/or date, change the format and price. The list is not exhaustive. Whilst Alpha Motorcycle Training where possible will try to manage and accommodate customer requirements we sadly cannot compensate for altered or cancelled tests or provide free of charge training or accompany to test where DSA do not provide compensation. If you do not wish Alpha Motorcycle Training to manage the test booking element of your course then the customer is welcome to book and pay for their own test taking full responsibility to attend on appropriate bike and complying with all DSA regulations. Any use of Alpha Motorcycle Training equipment, motorcycles or instructor time must be booked and paid for – specifically naming the DSA test number, time, location and date 5 weeks in advance to allow allocation. NOTE: Alpha Motorcycle Training sells complete courses for tuition. Once paid & confirmed, courses cannot be re-sold.

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