Getting Started

Getting Started – Our Location

We are located in North Wembley just two minutes from North Wembley Station.

Which is on the Bakerloo line and over ground train lines.

Also on the 245 and 483 bus routes.

We have off street free parking.

A dedicated training center with toilets and canteen.

Preparing for your Compulsory Basic Training

Before to come to us for a CBT, why not try out the TFL  Preparing for your CBT pages.

Preparing for your Compulsory Basic Training

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This will help with basic knowledge to assist you in passing the CBT.

CBT Course

The CBT course is designed to teach people to ride bikes up to 125cc to ride safely, and is a legal requirement to do so before riding on UK roads. You do not need previous experience, as long as you can ride a bicycle we can teach you. Classes normally take one day, and are in a group of 4 students. The CBT is not a test, there is no writing unless you want to take notes, but is an assessment at the end of the day by an instructor to confirm that you are a safe rider.

If you are of a particularly nervous disposition or want to learn on a 1 to 1 basis please call us about an ITM first, we are happy to advise.

ITM Course

The ITM (Introduction to motorcycling) is a two hour course designed to teach basic skills in preparation for a CBT, or to resolve issues identified in a CBT.

It is usually either 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 but teaches you at your own pace building confidence and ability in handling the bike. There is no test, but prepares you to be able to complete a CBT especially iy you are nervous or struggle with co-ordination.

itm course

A2 – Restricted Licenced

The Restricted Licence (A2) is aimed mainly at those who want a full motorcycle licence, but do not intend riding too powerful a motorbike in the immediate future. It is also the only licence that can be gained by those aged nineteen to twenty four inclusive (Under 24 years old).

DAS – Direct Access Scheme

The Direct Access Scheme (DAS) allows riders aged twenty-four or over to take a test on a large motorcycle, allowing them upon passing the test to ride any motorcycle without restrictions. You must complete CBT training & riding course (which you can do as part of an intensive course), a motorcycle theory test and take a practical test on a 600cc motorcycle.

Renewal CBT Course

Renewal CBT Course

The renewal CBT course London is fundamentally a standard CBT course but is only open to experienced riders who have a current CBT and their own bike. All elements are fully covered, but as classes are reduced to two riders only, there is reduced waiting time for riders. You must be in possession of a current CBT certificate, have your own road legal bike. If you cannot meet these requirements please book a standard CBT course London.