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I don’t have a UK licence. Can I complete a CBT?

You cannot complete a CBT unless you have a valid UK licence, either provisional or Full Car.

You need to either exchange your European licence or apply for a UK one.

I can’t find my licence, can I complete a CBT?

  • No it is a legal requirement that you produce your licence for the CBT.

- ITM - Introduction to Motorcycling Course

  • You will have a provisional entitlement, which means you can ride a bike after a taking a CBT, passing the theory test, and then only under supervision from a qualified instructor. This can be seen by looking at the restrictions which will say 79.03 or TRI, denoting you can ride a trike. Just because it is legal however does not make it a wise decision without training.Do I need L plates on a 50cc as I have as full car licence?This depends on when you passed your car test.If you have a full car licence obtained before 1st Feb 2001 you have a full category p (moped) on your licence. You would therefore not require a CBT  (DL196) certificate to ride a moped.If you have a full car licence obtained after 1st Feb 2001 you also have a full category p, however your licence will show code 122 next to the category. This means a CBT must be completed before a moped can be ridden.CBT certificates have a lifespan of 2 years, however if used for mopeds by a holder of a full car licence the CBT certificate does not expire & can be used for life.

    If you want to ride anything bigger than a moped then a CBT certificate will be required.

I did a CBT several years ago, can I still ride my 125cc motorcycle or scooter.

Yes if you have taken and passed your full motorcycle test for category A1, A2 or A OR your CBT certificate is still valid. It will be valid for 2 years from completing your CBT course. If it has expired, you will need to take the CBT again.

Why am I being asked for my NI number?

It is a requirement by law that the instructor checks the validity of your licence. This is done online using your NI number and driving licence.

Is the CBT a guaranteed pass?

No the CBT although not an exam, requires the instructor to qualify your safety on the road. If considered that you will require more training to reach this level, you will be asked to return for more training at a discounted price.

Does it matter if I take the CBT on an automatic or geared bike?

No. The CBT certificate covers you for both types of bike but it is strongly advised that you get proper training before riding a different type of bike.

Although this will change in the near future with the proposed changes.

What happens if I turn up late for my CBT?

Classes start punctually so anything more than 15 minutes late means that  you will not be accepted onto the course, as it is a legal requirement that you complete every aspect. Therefore once a class has been started there is no way to join it, and any monies paid will be forfeited.

What do I need to take my full licence?

A current CBT, a valid theory certificate and your driving licence.

The standard of riding required to pass the tests is very high, so whether you have ridden for years or you are a novice, be prepared for intensive training.

I started my CBT but during element C my instructor advised me that I would not be able to complete the course without additional training. Can I get a partial refund as I did not finish the day?

NO, you paid to participate in training, but if the instructor feels you cannot gain the necessary skills within a realistic time frame, and that you need extra training there is no refund.

I am a of a nervous disposition and lack confidence.Is the CBT right for me?

Riding a motorcycle or scooter requires a certain level of confidence, in order to relax enough to enjoy the experience. If you are scared the body will tense and make it harder to ride. In which case an ITM may be beneficial first, as a 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 course to develop skills and gain confidence first.

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