6 Lumen Road, North Wembley, HA9 7RE

Renewal CBT Course

The Renewal CBT Course is fundamentally a standard CBT course but is only open to experienced riders who have a current CBT and their own bike.

All elements are fully covered, but as classes are reduced to two riders only, there is reduced waiting time for riders


If your CBT has expired as your insurance is not valid on your own bike!


Our renewal CBT courses cost just £110. We however have limited number of places for our renewal CBT classes. If we do not have a renewal class that fits your diary we can offer a standard CBT class with a discount of £10 on the standard prices.


The student must produce on the day of training.

The Photo card Licence and their current CBT certificate..

A suitable motorbike / scooter which is road legal and in good condition.

Their current CBT.

Proof of insurance and MOT.

Glasses if worn.

Failure to produce any of the required

Will result in the CBT being not completed, with a forfeiture of any fees paid. You will be invited to attend a standard CBT course at the standard return fee.


Have you considered taking the A1 licence? Rather than having to renew your CBT every two years why not ask about our A1 courses which are a cost effective solution for those who only want to ride 125cc machines. Please refer to A1 licences for more details.

Motorcycle Training & CBT Training Courses in London

Alpha Motorcycle Training

  • DSA Approved
  • Well maintained fleet of bikes
  • Helmets, gloves and Jackets provided
  • Fully qualified & experienced staff
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  • Expert training systems
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  • Good Location Close to Central London