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A2 Motorcycle License – In-Depth Guide

At Alpha Motorcycle Training, we want to give you as much information as we can on setting you on the right path for your motorcycle training and testing needs.

A2 Motorcycle Licence

We have a team of highly qualified, professional and friendly teachers who can get you qualified and on the road in no time.

We want to ensure you have all the tools, motorcycle training, knowledge, and know-how to get you confidently and safely riding your motorbike with ease.

This month’s topic for discussion is the A2 Motorcycle Licence. At Alpha Motorcycle Training our team often get a lot of questions about this particular licence, information is plentiful but can be confusing, so we thought why not give you an in-depth guide to the A2 Motorcycle Licence.

Let’s start with the rules and regulations:

  • You must be 19 years old or over
  • A1 Licence must have been achieved
  • Your Compulsory Basic Motorcycle Training will have to be completed
  • S.A theory test will have to be taken and passed
  • Practical Tests Module 1 & 2 – Part 1 is usually in a test centre and 2 takes you to the road!


Get in some good hours of motorcycle training ahead of your practice tests – we are more than happy to provide you with help, advice and availability to give you practise

Being Tested

All full motorcycle tests require 2 modules to be completed: Module 1:

Takes places in a test centre. Off the road, where manoeuvres and variant speeds can be performed. Additionally, U-turns, cornering, controlled and emergency stops as well as hazardous avoidance and wheeling to mention a few areas of compulsory testing.

Module 2:

Takes you on the road! You will be examined through radio contact with your examiner who will be assessing you. Be sure to be armed with plenty of training ahead of this including wearing the right clothing for health and safety, temperatures and durability.

Module 2 tests your eyesight (reading number plates from about 20 metres), examples of maintenance and safety procedures (indicated by the examiner on the radio), Manoeuvres will be tested, independent and road riding should be shown and performed to the examiner’s

Feel the Power

Your vehicle should be at least 395cc with a Hence why motorcycle training and practice is vital ahead of your


Completed CBT certificate

Passed Theory Test certificate


You can throw those L-Plates away, ride on a. After 2 years you will be eligible to apply for your full unrestricted

 If you need more information or we can help you arrange your motorcycle training, please do get in touch. Our qualified team are on hand to answer your questions.