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Alpha Motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training

Helmet fixed in place, leather jacket donned and boots on… Sorry, there is more to riding a motorcycle…

If you are looking to buy or ride a motorcycle or moped, remember, before hurtling off there is some mandatory training that needs to take place first!

Usually taking a full day, CBT – Compulsory Basic Training is a legal requirement for anyone that wants to ride a motorcycle or moped on the roads.

So, why is it so important?

The safety of our roads requires this training to make them as safe as possible, for drivers, pedestrians and the cyclists themselves.

So, what do you have to do?

The main components:

  1. A comprehensive introduction and an eyesight check – The trainers will demonstrate skills and provide information essential for your learning. You must pass the required guidelines for the eyesight examination
  2. On-site training – Weight, balance, and mandatory checks are demonstrated
  3. On-site riding – Using the vehicle in situ, understanding the mechanics and depth perception.
  4. On-road training – Preparation, speed, legal requirements are focal points.
  5. On-road riding  – Considering others, attitude, decision-making and more complicated ‘in-situ’ manoeuvres to prepare you for being on the road.

Our fully qualified and experienced staff are here to provide you with expert training and knowledge about what is required to get yourselves on the road.

We provide an online booking system to make things easier. Watch out for our special offers on training courses.