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Alpha Motorcycle Learning to ride a motorbike in London

Our UK roads can be tricky and are not always the most conducive to motorcycle riding.

Roads are busy, they can be congested, filled with potholes and there are many tight streets, one-way systems and road works. Confidence and safety is a must when riding a motorcycle and our instructors understand that.

At Alpha Motorcycle, we offer a variety of mandatory and suggested training, licences, practical and theory testing to suit all levels of riders.

So, let us tell you more


With courses including:

  • CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) usually for complete novices and Renewal courses are available. This consists of 2 consecutive days of theoretical and practical training assessed closely by qualified instructors.
  • Full Licence Courses and assessments including A1, A2 Restricted. With age and experience playing a big part in the which course is right for you, our customer care advisers can help you select the right option.
  • Introductions to ITM (Introduction To Motorcycle/Scooter Training)
  • Conversion Courses for the correct gear, how to wear it and why it is so vital.
  • DSA Enhanced Rider Training – this is particularly good for seasoned riders who are looking to improve their skills and perhaps even reduce their insurance.

Understanding the guidelines before booking your course is a must; generally a full driving licence might be needed, additionally the weight of your vehicle and your age must be considered in selecting the right course for you. Depending on the course the training can range from 1-5 days in total.

 Our training centre situated in London is accessible, fully equipped and has high-quality, qualified instructors to get you through your compulsory training and get you licenced, confident and ready to take on the road safely and securely.

Always be aware of other motorists!