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Can you Ride in Europe on a Provisional licence with a CBT?

The short answer is NO. You cannot drive abroad using a provisional licence. You must have a full licence for the category of vehicle .

Thereby having a CBT is irrelevant, as the provisional licence is not valid.

What about non-European countries? Let’s say Thailand.

More often than not, you will find that you are not covered by travel insurance to ride in similar countries without a CBT. They do not have the same licencing issues but the roads and road users are something else.

So what if I have a full car licence. Then can I ride in Europe?

There are two main groups of PTW: mopeds with 50cc engines and restricted top speed and motorcycles.

The minimum age for riding a moped is 16 years and 18 for motorcycles in most countries.

The requirements for training and testing are not as strict for moped riders as for motorcycle riders. But there are many differences between countries in the details of their legal requirements.

E.g. Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland have a minimum age for mopeds as low as 14.

Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium also have a light moped with lower maximum speed.

Most European countries recognise a separate category light motorcycle with 125cc engines and a minimum age of 16.

However, in Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Greece this minimum age is 18.

Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Austria allow the use of a 125cc motorcycle with only a car licence.

The Netherlands have no 125cc category.

In most countries motorcyclists start with motorcycles with restricted engine power and access an unlimited motorcycle at a later age.

If in doubt check, with the relevant authorities as failure to comply, may involve, a prison sentence, hefty fine and confiscation of the bike.