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Differences Between DAS, A1 & A2 Motorcycle Licences

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DAS, A1 and A2 Motorcycle Licences

Though we offer an array of training options, some of the most popular choices tend to be licensed for DAS, A1 and A2 licences.

So, what are they and is it the right choice for you?

A1 Licence is for persons aged between 17-19, by law, the training and testing for this license need to be on vehicles with limited power. These engines are capped at 125cc and output of 25 to 35 kW. Once you have successfully passed your test, you can bid goodbye to those

L-plates! Ride on!

A2 Licences

are for persons in the next age bracket along, 19-24. Your test will be on a slightly different motorcycle. The intermediate motorcycle is at least 395 cc with an output of power coming in at 25 to 35kW.

Again, as the rules apply, you are able to ride this size motorcycle without L-plates as soon as you have passed your test.

If you are 24 years of age or over and have passed the A2 test with another 2 years’ experience riding the level of the vehicle, you qualify for the

DAS licence test.

The DAS licence or Direct Access Scheme requires you to be able to successfully and carefully apply and take the full and complete motorcycle test meaning you can control 595 CC and 40 kW.

This type of licence is the last requirement to be able to ride the biggest of bikes and you will not need any further tests or training.

An area we often get asked about it the differences between DAS, A1 and A2 Motorcycle Licences. In all honesty and as you can tell from above, the variants are few but the distinctions are important and so we want to set the record straight to help our clients get a full understanding.

DAS, A1 and A2 motorcycle licences all require the rider to pass the exact same theory test, additionally, the practical aspect comes in 2-parts and is the exact same regardless of whether you are qualifying for the DAS, A1 and A2 licences.

The big difference is the size of the vehicle. Passing tests are absolutely par for the course, getting from A1 to A2 to DAS is like climbing up the ladder.

Once each part is achieved you can go to the next qualification. Handling a bike can be incredibly difficult and it is important to have the strength and experience to ensure complete safety for you and your fellow riders, drivers and pedestrians.

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