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Different Types of Motorcycle Licenses in the UK

There are different types of motorbike training for different motorcycle licenses depending on the level you are at starting at. A CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is the basic requirement, this consists of a number of practical and theoretical aspects of motorbike training before starting out on the road. This training ensures that you can ride safely when by yourself, preparing you for a full motorbike license in the future. On a CBT license, you will only be allowed to ride up to a 125cc motorbike with L plates for 2 years before applying and taking the official motorbike training test for a full uk motorbike license.

One motorbike license you can obtain is an AM license which covers mopeds, tricycles and quad bikes. This license is aimed for 16+ users and completion of the AM motorbike test will allow you to ride moped and scooters up to 50cc with no L plates.

Another motorbike license (light motorbikes) you can have is an A1 license which allows you to ride with no L plates on a motorbike up to a 125cc and up to an 11kW engine.

There is also an A2 license (standard motorbikes) for more advanced motorbike training for a more powerful bike. This license is for 19+ individuals who have had an A1 license for 2 years which then allows them to ride up to a 400cc.

The last form of motorbike training is an A license (unrestricted motorbikes). This is the final test for those looking to ride any size motorbike. To be able to do this, you have to have an A2 license for two years and aged 21+ and have completed a practical test before proceeding further or going through the direct access route at which you need to be 24+ and need to complete both a practical and theory test, you can then ride any motorbike.