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Eager to get your motorbike licence?

Obtaining your motorcycle licence can seem daunting but fear not at

Alpha Motorcycle Training Our Expert Team are Qualified to Get You on The Road

with knowledge and all, you need to know about health and safety.
So, let us help you with a simple rundown of how to get motorcycle ready…

The Licence

First thing’s first, apply for your provisional licence. Ahead of doing any examination, you will be required to provide information on your provisional licence, so to avoid the expense and wasted time ensure you have this bit done first.


Getting CBT certified is essential. We offer full CBT training at our facilities and is one of the most popular training courses we offer at Alpha Motorcycle Training. CBT or Compulsory Basic Training gives you the understanding and skillset to get you riding a bike with ease, confidence and safety.

Areas that will be covered include but are not limited to eyesight checks, emergency stops, changing gears, manoeuvring. This particular training is not a pass-fail but if you require more CBT training your instructor will not be permitted to give you your certificate. This is a very important step.


The theory element of your test follows the same pattern as your driving theory test. 50 multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test. You will need to obtain at least 86% to pass this test. Practise papers are available online and is well-advised.


Much like with driving a car, motorcycle riders need to practice and be taught by an experienced rider. At Alpha Motorcycle Training our skilled and qualified team of instructors are available to take you on hourly lessons and we offer intensive courses for those of you who want to achieve their goal much quicker. Practise makes perfect so make sure you clock up those hours if you want to pass the first time.


This is split into 2 modules and covers off and on-road riding; independent riding, emergency stops and controlling the bike are all assessed. The test is done while you are being instructed through an earpiece, so your assessor is always able to see and hear you.

There are many upgraded levels to passing the next stage of a motorcycle test; depending on age and experience you can move up to heavier machines, giving you a more advanced licence. At Alpha Motorcycle Training we are happy to direct you to the right test for you, ensure you are confident, safe and ready for the road.