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How to pass CBT test with ease

We’ve all heard about those people who naturally do very well in examinations. Being able to process the correct information and apply themselves under pressure.

It is not quite simple for us all, however.

Passing any test requires a process. It is important to go through the stages to feel confident while in the exam. The CBT test is more of a full day of training rather than a sit-down exam.

The day includes an eye-test, legal requirements, highway code knowledge, demonstrating balance and checks, speeds, observations and emergency situations.

Dealing with CBT test requires 3 simple points to get you road-ready:


Confidence, self-belief and a positive attitude will start your day right.

Time to Invest

Familiarizing yourself with the highway code, techniques and procedures ahead of the day will be imperative to your learning.


Take each part in your stride. Stay calm while making decisions.

The fact of the matter is this test, which incidentally is more of a training day is wholly mandatory if you wish to legally ride your motorcycle on public roads in the UK.

Tests such as CBT test can be hugely challenging, timely and in some cases quite expensive. The training itself consists of 5 parts that are completed during a full days training.

Elements of the motorcycle training may seem simpler than others, by structuring the training throughout the day in even parts gives balance to the training,

helps keep the information in one’s head and is less overwhelming then sieving through floods of information, techniques, requirements and procedures.

The pressure of this can feel daunting to some but it is important to study, practice and ask for help from our qualified instructors when you need.

Safety and confidence play a huge part in the success of riding a motorcycle so that must be at the forefront of your mind during the motorcycle training.

With tests available 7 days a week, you can pick a day that works for you. Contact us for information on availability, how the course is structured and requirements ahead of the day.