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What you’ll learn during your CBT course

A CBT course is necessary for those who want to ride a motorcycle. Proper training is crucial and it with Alpha Motorcycle Training always make a rider safer on the roads. CBT courses cover many topics, from basics to the more advanced riding techniques. So, what will you learn during a CBT course?

Correct road positioning

With a certified CBT course, you can learn all about positioning and how to properly ride the bike on the road. This is especially important for newbies and those with little riding experience. Choosing the right training course will also ensure you get the best start on your training, and that is why it’s vital you pass your CBT in the first phase of your training.

Learning the importance of road visibility

Driving on any road can be dangerous, whether you’re in a vehicle or motorcycle. Cars are quite different from motorcycles because they have an outer structure that offers some protection for drivers and passengers. Motorcycles do not, and that makes you a lot more vulnerable on the road. With that in mind, a CBT course will teach you how to make yourself better visible on the road. This in turn will keep you safer and will protect you from other road users.

Correct road speeds

CBT courses are suitable for riders of all ages. It not only covers the basics, but ensures you’re kept safe at all times. When you choose a certified CBT course, you’ll learn all about road speeds. You’ll learn the correct road speeds to use on different roads and what a safe speed is too. This is why a certified training course is necessary.

Get educated to stay safe on the roads

Each of the different road types pose their own risks; there are dangers from other road users, pedestrians, weather conditions, and events outside of your control. That is why proper training is essential, it will make you a safer road user, and driver. A CBT course will teach you the importance of making yourself visible on the road, driving at the correct speeds, and road positioning