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The MCIA and its predecessors have represented the UK motorcycle, scooter and light vehicle industry for over 100 years and during that time we have seen many changes in the industry.  In recent times, traditional motorcycles have become primarily leisure vehicles, but the recent growth in the availability of low and zero-emission Powered Light Transport, (PLT – also known as L-Category vehicles), has added new impetus to the fight against poor air quality and road congestion.

Earlier this year, the MCIA Board approved a new strategy that saw the Association return to its roots and promote the interests of manufacturers of all PLT vehicles, of which motorcycles and scooters are the most significant element. This has enabled the MCIA to embark on a programme of gaining Government acceptance for such vehicles as credible transport solutions for people and goods, in situations where walking, cycling or public transport are not viable options.

To support the new strategy, the MCIA has undergone a rebrand, which has seen the creation of a new logo, each part which is a significant pointer to a new direction. In addition, MCIAC becomes MCIA RIDE, which is now the MCIA’s sub brand for new riders and rider training.


As an organisation we will be using the initialisation “mcia” in place of the Association’s full title to encompass both the established motorcycle and scooter market, as well as the emerging Powered Light Transport family. Training will play a large part in the future of the industry whether that is on a traditional combustion engine motorcycle, or the various new vehicles that are entering the market. In each case, RIDE gives a clear distinction to the trainers’ side of the Association and is easily understood by the public.

Industry Approved Motorcycle Training

While public awareness of the MCIA is not high, the connection with the industry is easily understood and designed to offer reassurance to would-be and existing students.

Brand Mark


So a new brand and logo, but the same level of dedication to provide the best training available on a sustainable basis, at an affordable price.