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Motorcycle Theory Test

So, You Want to Ride a Motorcycle?

We at Alpha Motorcycle Training provide (Motorcycle Theory Test) professional and expert training to get you safely and legally on the road.

We have made things incredibly simple for you, with just a few clicks you can book you CBT -­‐ Compulsory Basic Training course on our website now.


CBT is a mandatory course that all Motorcyclists must pass before being allowed to fully take on all roads in the UK.

Like with any driving test, a theory test must be passed to give you access to the roads. With instructors on hand to guide you through the test, we are proud and confident that our students can pass the first time.

Our specialist and certified instructors will take you through the 5 steps of the theory test, ensuring each element is completed before moving on to the next portion.

Motorcycle Theory Test in 5 stepsMotorcycle Theory Test - CBT - Alpha Motorcycle Training

On the final portion of the 5 steps, it is Motorcycle Theory Test A legal requirement to receive at least 2 hours of on-­‐road riding; ensuring you are cautiously riding and that you have grasped the theory of motorcycle riding.

Understanding the rules of the road from traffic signals to road signs, speed restrictions to changing lanes, not only prepares you for safe riding on the roads but it also means you can safely travel with confidence around other cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.

Knowledge and confidence are vital on the roads, ensure you study, ask questions and practice.