6 Lumen Road, North Wembley, HA9 7RE


Request to all new Riders

We are seeing an increase in CBT bookings, which is great but also unfortunately a proportional increase in the number of students not passing which upsets us.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that you are not one of these.

CBT classes are run in English, and there is a great deal of information we have to impart. If you are unsure about your level of English please contact us.

Do not book your friend / family member as he cannot make himself understood or follow the online booking form. He may be wasting his money as his level of English is not good enough.

Read the Highway Code. It is 140 pages long, we cannot attempt to teach this on a CBT. IF you cannot identify common road signs, or understand the dangers of roundabouts etc. WE cannot take you on the road.

We ask for jeans, and boots or high topped trainers as nothing else gives you protection. If you turn up in shorts or jeggings, you will not be accepted on the course.

If you need to wear glasses, please bring them. Sanity over vanity every time.

If you don’t understand, then please just say so. We will find another way of explaining it, but nodding your head, with no concept does not help anyone.

We want you to enjoy your CBT, we don’t like saying NO. However safety comes first, and we do take it seriously.