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Why does a CBT take so long?

We are often asked why the CBT takes the best part of a day to complete.

The CBT comprises of 5 basic elements:

After a brief introduction to the day, licence, and eyesight checks, and completing a disclaimer, we start on element A.

Element A (class room)

PPE, what to wear, why we wear it, the different options available with legal aspects and pro’s and cons of every decision.

Element B (on the Pad)

The bikes, controls, (what they do and how they should be used)

Taking the bike and off the stand properly (in full control without causing damage to the bike or you)

Weekly and daily maintenance, what is legally correct? Basic adjustments to ensure safety for yourself and longevity of the bike.

Element C (the fun part)

Teaching how to pull away, and stop safely using either and both brakes.

To be able to stop at a given spot. (As in at a stop or give way line)

To be able to ride the bike slowly. (Essential to carry out slow speed manoeuvres)

How to corner. (Where you look is where you go)

How to complete a figure 8. (Ability to turn at low speed and tackle mini roundabouts)

How to U Turn. (Legal requirement which can be dangerous if not carried out properly)

To be able to stop from speed as in an emergency. (Shows rapid braking under full control).

Element D (classroom)

Some road signs, road positioning for riding and turning. Priorities, roundabouts, Traffic lights (sequence), how road conditions change riding etc.

Element E (even more fun)

A two hour road ride to hone skills learnt previously, and to put road craft into practice.

The instructor is in radio contact with you giving directions and advice.

If there are four students on the course the instructor can only take two at a time on the road, so for some there may be a two hour lunch break.

Please be aware there are time restraints to training, in order to carry out all that is required, and not everyone gets to go on the road. Not everyone can develop the skills required in the time available to be safe to do so. We place safety of all concerned over all other aspects, and some people take longer to achieve this than others. If you learn slowly, are of a nervous disposition, struggle with English, then it may be worth investing in an ITM (introduction to motorcycling) first.