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How to Prepare for your CBT Training Course

We have provided you with a short guide to help you prepare efficiently and to ensure you have everything you need to gain the most out of your CBT training.

You may have questions before you start your training such as:

  • What should you expect from CBT training?
  • How can you prepare for your CBT?
  • Should you know anything beforehand?
  • Do you need to do a theory test?

What Is a CBT and What Should You Expect From It?

CBT training (Compulsory Basic Training) is required as the first step for new riders before getting their motorbike licence and being on the road. CBT training occurs over the course of a day and covers basic training and road safety as well as some elements of theory.

This training allows you to ride a bike that is up to 125cc on the road, with an L plate for 2 years before the license expires, at which point you’ll either need to take a full bike test or renew your CBT for another 2 years in order for you to continue riding.

How Can You Prepare For Your CBT?

It’s a quick and easy process that can be completed in a day, however, there are some things you can do to prepare in order to make the day run a bit more smoothly. Here are some tips:

  • Bring your valid UK provisional or full driving license in order to ride the motorbike. If this is not brought, the instructor can refuse to train you.
  • Ensure you have any paperwork you have been asked to bring.
  • You do not need to bring a motorcycle, however, if you do bring your own, you must have insurance, MOT certificate, valid road tax and L plates.

Before coming to do your CBT training, you may also want to think about clothing. If it’s cold, then it will be colder on a motorcycle. If it’s hot, it will still feel colder once you get on the bike. CBT centres will provide you with a helmet, gloves and a high visibility jacket when motorbike training but will not provide you with clothing.

  • Jacket and bottoms – try and wear something made of thick material like leather or thick denim which will create a barrier from impact or abrasion.
  • Shoes – make sure these provide enough support and protection for your ankles. Leather is a good material for this so try to avoid trainers and wear boots instead.
  • Check the weather beforehand to ensure you are wearing the appropriate jacket to train in.

Should You Know Anything Beforehand?

You do not necessarily need to know a lot of information when motorbike training like you would when learning how to drive a car, however, knowing some information before your lesson could help you out.

Revising the highway code and basic theory of riding a motorcycle is always a good start in your CBT training as it shows your instructor that you have some knowledge on what you are doing and may help the training session run smoother and quicker.

Do You Need To Do A Theory Test?

You will not be asked to do a theory test for your motorbike training however you will be asked to do the following:

  • When you are at the CBT training centre, you will have an eye test assessment where you are asked to read a number plate standing 20 meters away. Bring glasses or contact lenses with you if you wear them usually.
  • You will be asked to balance on a motorcycle, start it and ride it as slow as possible in a straight line.

You will also be assessed on your knowledge of the highway code. Knowing and understanding road rules and traffic signals are significant in road safety and completing your CBT training.