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ITM Motorcycle Course: Everything You Need To Know

An introduction to the basics:

Introduction to motorcycling courses are designed to provide new riders with the skills and knowledge they need to start riding motorcycles safely and confidently out on the open road. There are a whole range of common topics that may be covered in an introduction to motorcycling course, that will ensure riders are ready before the CBT course that will have them further qualified, and clued up on current road safety practices and legal requirements related to vehicles. 

The ITM will usually take up to 2 hours, and will teach riders knowledge and skills when it comes to riding a motorcycle. It will also give people an opportunity to test out motorcycles to see if it’s the right vehicle for them. Motorcycles can be heavy, and require a good level of balance and concentration to ensure safe riding. 

The instructor will break down the basics of clutch and gear controls that are an integral starting point when it comes to riding. It’s not an opportunity to obtain a licence, but instead a fully detailed introduction opportunity to the exciting world of motorcycles, and how to safely ride them. It’s often the opportunity where you can experience the freeing element that makes motorcycles such a popular option amongst qualified drivers worldwide.

What can you expect to learn from an ITM course?

First things first – how a motorcycle actually functions, and what you must check before hopping onto your bike. This will ensure there’s no surprising bumps along the way! Then come all the manoeuvres and parking tricks that you’ll get a full breakdown of before getting on the bike itself. It covers basic riding skills such as starting, stopping, turning, and shifting, as well as essential safety concepts like risk management and hazard avoidance.

Safe control 

If you’re a complete beginner then fear not – the instructor will walk you through everything as carefully and concisely as you need. After all, it’s an introductory course which means starting everything from scratch and ensuring you develop strong riding habits that will come in handy down the line. 

Is there anything you need to take the ITM course?

There aren’t too many requirements needed to take the course, however we do request that you can show us a UK driving, UK provisional or EU licence with a UK counterpart licence number on the day of the course to ensure you are registered on a national level. Photocopies or images will not be accepted, only a physical copy will be so ensure you have one sorted in advance of the day, as they can take a while to be posted if you’re new to getting a provisional licence. 

You’ll also have to prove your vision is in tip-top shape, as an instructor will request that you can adequately read a registration plate from 20.5 metres. A knowledge of the highway code is important, to ensure you can hit the ground running with safety precautions! When it comes to clothing, we ask that you wear heavy, thick clothes that will protect you on-site and a durable pair of leather boots which you can get from a local motorcycle shop at a decent price.

Will I be eligible to ride a motorcycle after completing the ITM course?

Unfortunately, the course is not a free pass to start driving your motorcycle out on the open road. We see it as a foot on the ladder, and a great way to kickstart your education on all things scooters and motorcycles in the supervision of qualified riding professionals. If you’re looking to put an accelerator on the process of getting your full licence, we highly recommend an ITM course that will give you the expertise and insider knowledge from top people in the motorcycle industry. Take as many notes and ask as many questions as you need! This will ensure you’ll be miles ahead when it comes to finally completing your CBT course.

If you’re looking to get a taste of freedom, and wanting to learn everything about safe motorcycle manoeuvring and riding practices, then an ITM course is the right course for you. 

Speak to a member of our team and find out more on our motorcycle courses that range from absolute beginner’s to more advanced levels.