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Motorcycle Safety Tips For Every Rider

Motorcycle safety is incredibly important to reduce the risk of serious injury and mortality. Riding a motorcycle is way more dangerous than driving a car and therefore you must follow the right protocols. Here are some motorcycle safety tips that every rider can use to stay out of harm’s way on the road.

How To Improve Motorcycle Safety

Wear The Correct Attire

Wearing reinforced jackets, pants and boots is a great strategy to improve motorcycle safety. If you fall off your bike or make contact with the floor when riding, these will provide protection and lower the chances of getting badly hurt.

In contrast, if you wear summer clothing like a T-shirt and sandals you will have little to no protection against any accidents. If you feel hot and humid, there are specialised gear you can wear that maximises ventilation and helps keep you cool.

Not to mention, obvious essentials such as a helmet, gloves and goggles. Your chance of surviving during a crash without a helmet is little to none whereas gloves are crucial to maintaining a good grip on your steering. Likewise, goggles enhance your vision in blurry conditions from steam, rain or mist.

Choose A Suitable Motorcycle

If you’re a complete beginner or recently passed your test, it doesn’t make sense to purchase the fastest motorcycle. By choosing a bike that matches your ability and experience you will vastly improve motorcycle safety.

Apart from the speed, you need to pay attention to how the motorbike fits you too. When seated your feet should be able to touch the ground without getting on your tiptoes. Plus, the handlebars should be easy for you to reach and getting on and off the bike has to be a seamless process.

Besides, the heaviness of your bike is also important for motorcycle protection. If your ride feels too heavy you will struggle to control it on the road. Therefore, opt for a slightly lighter motorcycle.

Get The Right Training

Before you even buy a bike and start riding on the road, you must complete the appropriate motorcycle training. This is one of the best strategies to improve motorcycle safety as you learn the theoretical side of riding and what to avoid on the road.