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Learning To Ride A Motorbike

Motorbike training is crucial to ride in a safe and controlled way. Riding a motorbike is fun but safety should always be your priority. This includes wearing the appropriate equipment and enrolling in motorbike safety courses to become a proper rider.

How To Ride A Motorbike

Enrol In A Motorbike Safety Course

A motorbike course will teach you the proper riding technique and safety precautions. All new riders should enrol in a safety course as a starting point. Those with little experience can also undertake a basic rider course to further improve their capability on the road. There are plenty of rider courses that are available in your local area.

You don’t have to worry about not having a motorbike as most training courses will provide you with one. Most courses will have both practical and theoretical elements which you will need to pass to get a license.

Become Familiar With The Controls

You need to understand basic controls before you start riding. Not being aware of the various operations can be dangerous and lead to you crashing.

The throttle is located on the right handlebar and you turn this to accelerate, whereas, the handbrake is the lever on the right handlebar that applies brakes to the front wheel. If you want to engage the rear brake, you can use the lever on the right side of the bike.

To remove the power from the rear wheel when shifting gears, you can use the hand clutch lever which is located on the left handlebar.

When the bike is in motion, the gear shifter is by your left foot and you can use this to shift gears while pulling the clutch lever.

Mounting The Motorbike

Start by facing the motorbike from the left side, before grabbing the left handlebar and swinging your right leg over the seat. Ensure your feet are firmly on the ground and your body is balanced.

As part of motorbike training, you will learn how a bike operates by sitting on it and going over all of the controls. You should be aware of how the motorbike feels too by gripping the handlebars, clutch lever and brake lever.

There should be a little bend in your elbows when you grip the handlebars and switches must be easy to reach with your fingers.

Finally, you should be able to plant your feet on the ground and operate the rear shifter without lifting your foot off the peg.